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Benefits of Live-in Care for Dementia Patients

A dementia diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming both for the patient and their family members. With little knowledge and understanding of the disease, it’s easy to feel like this will be a daunting task to handle. However, there is a solution. You can always rely on live-in care services for your loved ones. And there are many reasons why. Let’s take a closer look.

7 Benefits of in-home dementia care

Some of the best care for dementia patients is the care that’s provided for them in their own homes. They will not be affected by the upheaval and friction that comes with moving them into a care or assisted living facility or even if you as a family member move them to live with you in your own home. In fact, research shows that many elderly people would prefer to live in their own homes, in familiar surroundings as opposed to somewhere else. But apart from this preference, live-in care for the elderly comes with a lot of other benefits. Here are some of them.

Providing support: Perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects of having a live-in carer to look after your loved one with dementia is the levels of support that they can provide. They can help maintain pre-existing routines and ensure a more comfortable living space. Things like cooking, washing up, meals, medication administration and more are addressed by one person with whom the patient can build a relationship over time and begin to trust and rely on them.

Facilitating social interactions: As one ages, a more isolated type of life and a diagnosis of dementia can lead to depression, loneliness, anxiety, anger, restlessness and other emotions which the patient themselves may not be sure of how to deal with. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. A live-in carer can help facilitate social interactions and their continued presence will ensure that your loved one has constant companionship.

Living in familiar surroundings: As mentioned above, living in familiar surroundings is proven to be the choice of many people – both the elderly and those who also have a dementia diagnosis. Familiar surroundings bring comfort to the patient, give them a sense of peace, encourage them to be happier and reduce friction and upheaval from moving into a new place.

Increased safety: Employing the services of a live-in care agency with a live-in carer also means that your loved one’s safety will always be a priority. Things we often take for granted in our homes such as stairs or slippery tiles in the kitchen or bathroom can be hazardous and all it takes is for one fall or slip for a hospital admission to be needed. A live-in carer will always have your loved one’s safety in mind and this will reduce the need to visit doctors on a more frequent basis.

Maintain independence: Independence is crucial to every living being, irrespective of their age. The same is true for dementia patients. Although they may not be able to live as they used to, by facilitating their activities, the live-in carer can ensure that they enjoy as much independence as possible. This will significantly improve their quality of life.

Improving the quality of life: And speaking of quality of life, your live-in carer can ensure that your loved one engages in meaningful activities. This can not only help keep the effects of the disease at bay for a longer period of time (depending on the activities chosen) but it can also lead to more overall happiness and satisfaction despite the emotional, psychological, mental and physical changes that they are going through.

Living with dignity: Dementia care in the UK can also ensure that your loved one lives with dignity. In cases of dementia patients, it can happen that due to memory loss or forgetfulness, the patient may forget to take care of regular physiological needs such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed, bathing, toileting and others. A live-in carer can provide all the support needed so that your loved one doesn’t feel that their dignity has been stripped away from them and that they can still hold their head up high irrespective of their condition.

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Dementia care at home that’s provided by a professional live-in carer is possibly the best option you can offer your loved one. This is not only going to ensure that no family members feel burnout due to caring for the patient on their own without support but it will also provide the entire family more peace of mind that their loved one’s needs are always met and that they’re in safe and capable hands.

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