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Research shows that senior citizens over 65 years of age often face loneliness, and as a result of this, can fall into depression. This is because lives are changing, the people we once knew may have passed on, and the things we once loved doing are no longer easy or bring the pleasure they once did. As a serious mental health issue, loneliness needs to be combatted and one of the ways to do this is through companionship care services. You can rely on us at Walfinch to provide you with companionship for elderly in the UK as we match the right carer to your loved one.

Despite the many domiciliary care providers in the UK, few provide a comprehensive enough offering that offers home help companionship to combat loneliness and beat depression. Trust us for our professional, helpful and friendly companionship care services as your loved one can enjoy the comfort of familiar surroundings in their own home as they get to enjoy the smile of a friendly face, share a cuppa tea with them and have chats about anything under the sun that brings them joy.

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Thoughtful and considerate elderly companionship care

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At Walfinch, we fully understand all the various life changes that take place as one enters their senior golden years. Few things remain the same and these changes can sometimes make it difficult to cope with. Coupled with the loss of loved ones, your senior or elderly parent or loved one may be struggling with loneliness and this is where our companionship care services come to the fore.

Companionship services involve a whole host of added perks and benefits. These are not only limited to elderly home care, which may mean help and assistance with toileting, bathing and dressing as well as medication administration, household chores and more. It can also involve companionship care services such as having someone to talk to and share experiences and thoughts with, going for walks, visiting friends and family, keeping the family in the loop about your loved one’s needs and condition and so much more.

Elderly companionship services at your fingertips

We’ve made it very easy to get in touch with and book your elderly companionship services for your loved one. In fact, you won’t just get any carer. Instead, your loved one will be matched to a specific carer with shared personality and characteristics as well as training, knowledge and experience behind them, all to ensure that the companionship care service you choose for them is perfectly tailored to meet their needs.

Offering senior companionship services for the elderly, we make sure that they can continue to enjoy their lives while keeping the family in the loop about new developments in their lives. This means that even if you find yourself overwhelmed by multiple tasks on your schedule that you need to deal with, our elderly companionship services mean you never have to worry about your loved one and their well being. They’ll be in good, trusted hands.

Home care services can be very beneficial for people when it comes to the recovery process. By choosing our services you make sure that your loved ones will receive the care they need.

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We all experience highs and lows in our lives and these are best shared with people who we love. The same is true for the elderly, who may need companionship now more than ever before. As loneliness and depression may settle in, you can always choose Walfinch as your companionship agency of choice. We offer a multitude of companionship jobs to help senior citizens enjoy their lives and live with a sense of purpose, dignity and joy.

When you choose companionship for elderly with us, you choose one of the UK’s leading elderly companionship agencies. We ensure that our locations throughout the UK are accessible for you and we bring the service directly to your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about transporting your loved one to and from certain places. We’ll arrive straight at your door and deliver an outstanding service each and every time. Our friendly carers are highly competent and thoughtful and you can rely on them to carry out all their responsibilities with diligence and care.

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