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How to Choose a Home Care Agency?

home care agency in the UK

The process of ageing brings about a series of changes and complications in daily living. For some people, the simple act of getting dressed by themselves may become strenuous while others may struggle with remembering to take their medication, keeping their homes clean, cooking for themselves and other issues. With more and more people choosing in-home care, it’s no wonder that home care services in the UK are booming. But when it comes to your loved one, you want to give them the best care possible and choosing a home care agency can be somewhat daunting. In this guide, we’ll show you what considerations you need to keep in mind in order to make the best decision. Let’s take a closer look.

Choosing the right home health care services

Your elderly parent or loved one will have highly specific needs. In these situations, there is no one size fits all approach. Every service should be tailored to your loved one’s special requirements and this is where the process can get a bit challenging. But there is a solution and a methodical way you can approach the process. Here’s how.

Involve the person who will receive the care: It goes without saying that you should always, wherever possible, involve the person who will receive the care in the decision making process. After all, they will be the one left with the carer for hours, days, weeks or even months at a time and they need to be as comfortable as possible when receiving the service. This is why consulting with your loved one is so crucial. You need to find out what aspects of life they are struggling with, what type of help and care they need, how they can be supported best and more.

Choose the right type of home care: Once you have spoken with your loved one and discussed their needs, it’s time to narrow down your options. There are various types of elderly home health care in the UK and services differ from provider to provider. You may need help and support from as little as one hour a day or much more detailed support such as live-in care or anything in between. Services vary and may range from cleaning and cooking, companionship, medication administration, toileting and grooming, bathing, and so much more. So, during this step, look at the various options you have available and then decide on your desired service. You need to be as specific about your loved one’s particular needs as possible in order to match them to the right service provider more accurately.

Know your budget: Although home health care can be much more affordable than institutionalised care, it’s still an expense that needs to be factored into your decision making process. It’s advisable to compare prices of different providers and see what suits your budget. Every service provider and every service will be different and the subsequent cost will be determined based on several criteria. These include your location, the duration of the service, the nature of the service, etc.

Check out CQC ratings: Reputable home care agencies in the UK will be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which regulates the industry as a whole and is the body that is responsible for registering service providers as well as ensuring that the services they offer are safe, efficient, effective, caring, helpful and more. The CQC also has a ratings system which can quickly indicate to you the quality of services that each provider offers. Looking at these ratings should give you a good indication of where to position your search.

Do your research and create a list of providers: By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what your needs are and which service providers are more reputable than others. But that’s just half of the process done. You now need to do your research and create a list of providers that you can study in more depth. When researching, consider looking at criteria such as whether the carers are professionally trained, what type of experience they have, see if they are background checked and vetted, find out what they can do for you and if their offering matches your needs. Once you have a list of the pros and cons of each service provider, make a shortlist of the agencies that really speak to you.

Get in touch: Finally, you will get in touch with each service provider on your shortlist and now is the time to extract as much information as possible to help you make the right decision. This is where you need to ask them pertinent questions in order to clarify the service offering for you as much as possible and to ensure that when you commit to the service provider, you’ll be happy with them over the long run. Remember that this is a human-to-human relationship that’s going to be established and that your loved one needs to feel safe, comfortable and happy regarding the carer who will enter their homes and help to support them. A quality elderly care agency in the UK should be able to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease.

Choose your home care agency today!

Elderly home care is an inevitable part of life and it can do wonders for your loved one and even for the family members in the family circle. Choosing a home care agency may seem like a tough process but it can be made easier if you follow the seven steps mentioned above in a methodical manner. Doing this will help you identify strong agencies that will suit your budget and will meet your specific needs. So, take the time to carefully study and consider your options before committing to a decision.

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