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Learning disability care with your needs in mind

There are many different types of learning disabilities and handling and managing each one requires a unique, tailor-made approach for optimal results. From specialist care to a more hands-on strategy, young adults over the age of 18 who have learning disabilities need that extra bit of care and support to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. This can all be addressed by our specialist learning disability care service carers. The service offers these individuals all the care that they need to ensure that they manage everything from dressing and grooming, to meals and the administration of medication, if necessary.

Our care service is created specifically around your needs. It can range from a visit by a specially trained carer for as little as one hour a day to a lengthier period of time such as daily visits, weekly visits, monthly visits and more – all depending on what works best for you, your family and your budget. With strong and supportive learning disability care, you can rest assured that your child or loved one is in good hands thereby offering you a whole lot more peace of mind that their needs are well taken care of.

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Why you no longer need to worry with learning disability care services

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Patience. Comfort. Familiar surroundings. A friendly and helpful face. A kind word. Each of these characteristics and more make for quality disability care services that you can rely on. Our staff and carers are all background checked and vetted as well as thoroughly trained to specifically deal with people with a learning disability. Some might see a disability as a hindrance but we believe that it can offer a glimpse into a whole new world and approaches from different perspectives that make your experience with your loved one that much more unique.

Recognising these special aspects of your loved one, our carers are fully trained and trusted to offer supported living, depending on your needs. They will become a source of stability and comfort for your loved one and the quality relationships that are built over time are generally considered priceless. Think of it like a friend that comes over to help with everything that’s needed to make your loved one as comfortable as possible. But this is all done under a trained and watchful eye. What’s more, with our high quality disability care services, you will always have that peace of mind that your loved one’s needs are taken care of in a professional and caring way.

Providing high quality disability home care

Living with a disability comes with its own unique sets of challenges. And if someone in your family or a loved one has a disability, you want to give them the very best. You can do this by opting for disability home care that’s delivered right to your doorstep. Our trained and helpful carers will arrive at your home on time each and every time as scheduled and help around the home with various aspects related to both disability care and personal care. You can choose the duration of your service and what features it should include so that it uniquely caters to your loved one’s needs and your budget.

We believe in flexibility, patience, understanding, support, caring, friendliness and every other positive attribute that defines our carers who provide specialist disability home care services. We believe that the right touch and approach can lead to wonderful results and the relationships and bonds that are formed between your loved one and your carer are absolutely priceless. These bonds can stimulate, support, help your loved one grow and simply feel safe in the knowledge that they’ll be taken care of. From dressing and grooming to toileting and bathing and even medication administration and meal preparation – rest assured that your loved one is in great hands.

Home care services can be very beneficial for people when it comes to the recovery process. By choosing our services you make sure that your loved ones will receive the care they need.

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Language. Reading. Writing. Auditory challenges. Visual challenges. And more. These are just some of the issues that affect a person with a learning disability. These individuals have their own special way of viewing the world around them and specialist learning disability care providers can help them with transitions into different stages of life as well as ensure that they are as comfortable on a day to day basis as possible. A disability care worker should be patient, helpful, caring and kind and this is what we at Walfinch provide to every single one of our clients.

Our domiciliary care jobs are not just jobs. Our carers understand that every person with a learning disability has their own unique needs and requirements for comfortable living. As a result, our learning disability care providers can be relied on as a source of comfort and support whenever this is needed.

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