Long Sits Care

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Attentive and caring long sits care services

At Walfinch, we completely understand that a loved one who may need extra care, such as post-operative care or another type of care, requires support that you sometimes cannot provide yourself. It is only natural that you’re unable to meet all your loved one’s needs all the time. And this is why you can rely on our attentive and caring live in care services. The personal assistants we assign to your loved one will ensure that they get the best form of care while you take some time out to recuperate. This service is intended to last for a lengthier period of time and it means that this creates the perfect opportunity for strong bonds and relationships to be built between your loved one and their carer.

Our live in care services are thorough and comprehensive and you can take advantage of a multitude of ways in which our carers can help. These include aspects ranging from toileting and bathing to grooming and dressing, administration of medication, meal preparation, household chores, taking your loved one to medical appointments, offering companionship and so much more.

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Our hourly home care secures you more peace of mind

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Our live in care services can be performed from long as a full day or even a week or month’s worth of care. Each service is specially designed with your needs in mind. This means that you’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s condition and state as they’ll be in the comfort of their own home under the watchful and careful eye and guidance of our trained carers. These home care services are provided by a trained healthcare professional who is thoroughly background checked and vetted as well as who has all the experience to ensure that your loved one is in good, strong and capable hands.

The carers provide all forms of personal care to ensure that all needs are met adeptly and competently as we pride ourselves as providers of hourly home care services that deliver results. We have your loved one’s needs in mind and this will always be our top priority. We perform our work with integrity and excellence, working as a team and ensuring that your loved one gets the best care possible.

Home care services can be very beneficial for people when it comes to the recovery process. By choosing our services you make sure that your loved ones will receive the care they need.

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Delivering the best personal care in the home care market

Live in care ensures that your loved one gets all the attention and support they need for comfortable living. All this takes place in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. Studies have shown that being at home is not only more conducive to more comfortable living as opposed to a nursing home but also that people in their own homes who need extra care and attention are more confident and enjoy a more meaningful life there.

Whether it’s about giving the primary carer some respite from their responsibilities or simply looking after their needs on a regular and ongoing basis, our long sits care service is for you. Our carers, which are part of a truly caring team, provide personal care that’s second to none. Care visiting may be viewed as an essential element of providing personal care in the sense that your loved one will not experience loneliness nor will they struggle with daily tasks that they’re no longer able to complete on their own. This is why we are available to serve you across the entire UK as we understand the importance of convenience that’s provided straight to your doorstep.

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Home care services for every needs

If you are considering live in care care for your loved one over the long term, you can rest assured that they’ll be in great hands. And the best part is that the service can be tailored to your unique needs.

We take care of various personal needs and household chores to make life and living as comfortable as possible. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team is just a call away.

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