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Shilpi’s Walfinch business delivers happiness and hot dinners in Harrow

“Sparkling eyes, a big smile and a hot dinner may be small things but for care clients, they mean a lot,” says Shilpi Verma.

Shilpi, who opened her Walfinch business in Harrow in April, explains: “I went out to assess a new client, in her 90s, and discovered that her existing carers were providing only a coffee and a biscuit in the morning, a microwaved bowl of soup for lunch and another microwaved meal in the evening.

“Good nutrition is vital, so when she became our client we asked about the diet she really wanted. Now we make her early morning coffee, then eggs for breakfast. For lunch she has soup and a sandwich, and in the evening, our carer cooks a proper meal. Often she has roast potatoes, which she loves, shredded lamb or chicken, and vegetables.

“She’s a lot happier, now looks forward to chatting with her carer, and has got very attached to her. It’s rewarding to me and my care team to improve someone’s quality of life. Small changes can makes a big difference.”

Shilpi launched her Walfinch business in April 2021, and already has 15 care staff. She moved into the care sector after a 17 years in banking, where she managed a cluster of branches, and has a firm commitment to staff support.

“I look after my staff because when they are more engaged, they deliver better care to clients, and it helps staff retention, so everyone benefits,” she says.

Shilpi is investing in her staff by offering to sponsor 25% off gym memberships and providing a wellbeing scheme that offers staff support. She has also introduced monthly staff wellbeing reviews and quarterly supervision sessions.

“I learnt at the bank that personal life can impact a team member’s work, so this kind of support can help ensure that carers deliver the best client care. If you look after your staff they will look after your clients – and nothing is more important in the care sector.”

Shilpi and her care team offer visiting home care by the hour for people seeking companionship, social care or specialist care for dementia, MS, Parkinson’s, after strokes, physical injuries and rehabilitation. Temporary respite care, flexible care trials while you decide on care needs, and live-in care are also available.

She is also recruiting carers, offering flexible working, good pay rates and award-winning training, support and career development.

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